GROCERY HAUL/Tips for Eating Healthy in College!

I got a bunch of requests on my Instagram (which if you don’t follow you definitely should! Click here to see my page) to write a grocery haul and give some tips about how I maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet even on a college budget! Below you’ll find some of my all time healthyContinue reading “GROCERY HAUL/Tips for Eating Healthy in College!”

How to Handle Anxiety in College

Anxiety in college is REAL and it can be super hard to handle. However, over the years and after talking to my roommates about their coping strategies, I have compiled a list that can at least help get you on the right path to figuring it out. Every single person is different in the wayContinue reading “How to Handle Anxiety in College”

How to: Eat Healthy In a Dorm Room

As a college student living in a dorm, specifically a person who has to eat gluten free, I understand that it is very hard to eat healthy. I have tried to look up different posts on Pinterest or other blogs but I honestly haven’t found anything that has truly helped me with finding tips andContinue reading “How to: Eat Healthy In a Dorm Room”