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At MD&M West/Plastec West 2022, Conair Group, calm with technology ally Davis Standard and Zumbach Electronics, will be demonstrating assembly of extruded 0.06-in. (1.5-mm) dual-lumen “Double D” thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) medical catheter.

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In addition, the band will be acclimated to aftermath 1.7 mm fiber fabricated of PLA, which will be acclimated in a 3-D-printer operating in Berth 4024 during the tradeshow, which is actuality captivated in Anaheim, Calif. April 12-14, 2022.

In operation, PLA will be candy in a Davis Standard 1-in. MEDD Alternation (Medical Extruder Absolute Drive) extruder. Its key appearance accommodate changeable butt assemblies and dispensable feed-sections liners for assorted abstracts and applications. Easy-to-clean stainless-steel surfaces, absolute drive motor, simplified maintenance, and abettor accessibility are added key advantages for medical cleanroom applications.

From the extruder, cook passes through a cross-head fiber banishment die and a non-contact calibrator in the Conair HTMP multi-pass vacuum-sizing/cooling tank. Wafer inserts, sized to the filament, allowance the admission to the catchbasin to acquiesce for exhaustion sizing.

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From the tank, the fiber goes to a Medline Puller and on to a Conair ATC Alternation coiler set up with assorted baby spools on the braid shaft. Arrangement programming will wind one ball afterwards accession until all spools are full. Again the coiler indexes to accession shaft with abandoned spools so the operation can unload to get accessible for the abutting cycle.

A floor-mounted accelerated bend sensor monitors the admission product, automatically adjusting braid acceleration and bisect motion to wind artefact smoothly, after the abrasion or astriction that can alter aerial extruded products. The unit’s automated coil-isolation affection locks out admission during braid transition, again actuates high and lower assurance gates that abstract the actively ambagious spindle, enabling users to cautiously admission and abolish abounding coils on the added ancillary of the cabinet. 

The multi-pass catchbasin is a space-saving Conair innovation. Instead of authoritative a distinct canyon through a continued tank, the extrudate follows a Z-shaped aisle so that the compact, 12-ft-long HTMP catchbasin provides cooling time agnate to a 30-ft catchbasin while applicable neatly into the 20 x 30-ft Conair tradeshow booth.“Floor amplitude in any accomplishment bulb is costly,” says Ernie Preiato, v.p., banishment sales, “and alike added so in a cleanroom environment. Considering our multi-pass tanks absorb alone about a third of the amplitude a full-length, single-pass catchbasin requires, the accumulation and accessibility are considerable.”

On Thursday, April 14, Conair and its ally will be alive the banishment band over to assembly of the dual-lumen “Double D” TPE medical catheter. In accession to the David Standard extruder and Conair upstream and after equipment, the band will additionally affection an accelerated wall-thickness barometer provided by Zumbach Electronics. The extruder ascendancy integrates these after inputs to ensure constant affection automatically. 

TPE will be broiled Conair’s Carousel Plus dX dehydration arrangement able with a DC-B exceptional ascendancy and Dehydration Monitor. The patented Dehydration Adviser monitors temperatures at assorted credibility in the dehydration hopper, accouterment aboriginal apprehension of poor dehydration altitude so corrections can be fabricated to anticipate processing of break broiled material. The Carousel Plus dehydration arrangement additionally includes an onboard carrying advantage to a Conair MedLine Tube Loader on the extruder augment throat. Using a added tube loader on the dehydration hopper, the Carousel Plus dryer will draw antecedent actual to be appropriately broiled afore entering the banishment process.  Added Conair medical-grade MedLine auxiliaries accommodate a Thermolator temperature ascendancy assemblage (TCU) and a Conair EP1A-02 (two-ton) carriageable air-cooled chiller.

After processing through the extruder, tubing leaves the cross-head die and anon enters the Conair HTMP multi-pass tank. Like all MedLine auxiliaries, it is distinctively configured, documented, and accurate for cleanroom applications. 

The HTMP catchbasin uses a alternation of automatic sheaves to acclaim cull extrudate through cooling water, starting with a 6-ft exhaustion alcove that creates a absolute cogwheel in air burden aural the extruded tube. This slight apparent pressure, generated by the exhaustion in the tank, helps balance tube ambit afore added cooling passes while preventing any “drool” of cooling baptize out of the tank’s augment aperture that could mar the apparent accomplishment of the product. 

The Zumbach Electronics accelerated gauges—one anniversary abreast the catchbasin admission and exit—ccontinuously adviser and address changes in tube bank array on a ascendancy awning as the tubing cools. Further after from the tank, a Zumbach 3-axis OD laser barometer provides not alone closed-loop dimensional control, but additionally displays the tube contour for concentricity adjustments. Together, abstracts from the accelerated and laser gauges are acclimated to adapt puller acceleration and cooling-tank exhaustion to advance analytical tube ambit over the assembly run. 

The accomplished catheter tube again moves through the Conair MedLine Puller/Cutter to aftermath 6-in. samples that will be accustomed abroad to attendees. The catheter may additionally be directed to the ATC Alternation Coiler, which is set up in this case, to aftermath a distinct ample coil. 


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