If you’re like me, you have your Christmas list ready before Halloween….hehe oops. But if not, I know it can be hard to think of things that you want from your loved ones or even to think of things you want to get your loved ones. So I thought I would share my personal wish list with you all to hopefully spark some inspiration! I have lots of different options on this list ranging from more expensive to less expensive and from clothes to skin care to electronics and everything in between!

Sweat sets!

This should come as no surprise to everyone considering most people have literally lived in their sweat sets this year (shout out 2020) but since I have worn mine so much I am asking for some new pieces and some nicer ones that I would feel good going out and about in (not that I don’t do this already lol). Forever 21 has tons of cute ones but I also love the sets from The Mayfair Group and MadHappy.


I am obsessed with wearing comfy slippers around the house and honestly they add the perfect touch to your favorite sweatsuit. I also love that there are tons of styles of slippers and tons of different colors as well! My favorites are from UGG, Anthropologie and they even have similar dupes on Amazon.


A common theme in this wishlist has been comfort and this next wish is no different. I always love wearing activewear as cute/comfy look and personally I feel like I can never get enough of it. As always, Lululemon is a great option but lately I’m super into Set Active and Alo Yoga sets.


And of course, to finish off this quick little Christmas wish list, I had to include some cute little miscellaneous products/stocking stuffers that are perfect for everyone. My absolute favorite lip products are from Laneige and literally anything you get there is going to be amazing. Also a good curling iron is never a bad gift because I always love trying new stuff with my hair. I love this one from Hot Tools. I also am super into any type of gold jewelry right now. I love Adinas Jewels but you can also find some awesome products on Amazon as well.

***I hope you all enjoyed this quick little wish list of mine and I hope it maybe gave you some inspiration for yourself or for your friends and family. But I do want to make a quick note! While all of these products are amazing, I do encourage you to shop from local and small businesses this year! I am going to attempt to get as much gifts as I can from small businesses because I know a lot of them really need our help during this difficult time! I hope you all have a very happy and safe holiday season! Happy shopping!!!!!

Also let me know if you would want to see some holiday gift guides from significant others, parents, siblings, friends, etc.!!!!

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XOXO – Bailey

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