How to Handle Anxiety in College

Anxiety in college is REAL and it can be super hard to handle. However, over the years and after talking to my roommates about their coping strategies, I have compiled a list that can at least help get you on the right path to figuring it out. Every single person is different in the way that they handle anxiety, stress, and school so this is definitely not a strict step-by-step plan to handle anxiety but it’s just a quick list of what I have found helpful throughout the years!


My number one goal to handle anxiety in any setting is exercise. This has been a surefire way to eliminate or reduce my anxiety when I feel it start to creep in. Exercise releases endorphins and it is literally one of the only ways that I can feel instant relief.


CBD has become a great, preventative tool for me. I take CBD oil everyday and I have CBD gummies on hand for if I am extra anxious or I am having an anxiety attack. The oil specifically is not a quick fix to anxiety but it definitely can help over time to make me less anxious about situations that would have previously caused me a lot of anxiety. The gummies are also amazing for situational anxiety purposes and also if I am just having a hard time sleeping or stressed about something. This is my favorite brand but there’s tons of great brands out there! Just be careful and read the ingredients before you buy to make sure you are buying a good quality product! I also try to choose options that are THC free.


This is a new tool for me but it’s proved to be a really helpful resource for me! In the morning I take out my journal and literally just word vomit everything I’m feeling onto the page. Getting into journaling and figuring out what to even write can be hard but once you get the hang of it, it’s amazing! Personally, I just kinda let myself relax and just write without even thinking. I always finish my journaling with a list of everything I am grateful for that day. It just sets great intentions for the day and starts the day on a positive note.

Plan Out Your Week

This is a really important tip especially for anxiety in college! I personally have a google calendar set up and a physically weekly notepad so that I can see all my assignments and classes from both a monthly view and a weekly view. It puts everything in perspective for me and allows me plan out my week and space all my assignments out so that I don’t stress myself out anymore or put myself in a situation where I am cramming to fit something in. Being late or rushed is a trigger for my anxiety so this is a really big tip for me. It also just keeps me organized which is something else that is really important in college and for anxiety!

Get Up and Move!

When I get anxious, the first thing I want to do is crawl into bed and hide under a million pillows and not come out until the feelings subside. However, that has proved to be one of the worst things for me to do! Especially in college when you always have some type of assignment to do or test to study for, laying in bed all day is never going to be your friend. I find that if I am in an anxious state, if I get up and move around or even just go for a walk around my neighborhood, I normally feel much better. This kinda goes along with the exercise part but every time I get up and walk around and move it helps me to think clearer and that way I can start to be more productive with my day.

Separate School from Social Life

This is a big one! In college, it is so easy to just get wrapped up in either all of your school work or all of your social life. However, it is so important to find a healthy balance and separation between the two of them. For me, I like to wake up earlier and get everything I need done so that I can have the afternoon to just relax and do other things that make me happy. Some people are complete opposite though! You really just have to get in there and figure out what works best for you so that you can be efficient with school work but also protect your mental health by spending time with friends or doing activities that make you happy.

Make a Support System

And last but not least, find and make yourself a support system! I am extremely lucky to have family, friends and a boyfriend who are all extremely understanding and willing to help me cope with my anxiety and its triggers. By finding people who are similar to you or honestly just understanding you can vent and talk your problems out with others so that you aren’t trying to process everything just inside your head. It’s also important to recognize if you need professional help such as a therapist. The university I go to offers free counseling and therapy for students and I’m sure most other schools do this as well! It is a great tool and a way to air out your problems with someone not involved in the situation. This is a great option even if you do have a great support system around you.

I am definitely not a professional in this topic but as someone who suffers from anxiety in college, I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that have helped me. I hope you all enjoyed & found some helpful tips! XOXO

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