My Guide to the PERFECT At-Home Workout

Since all the gyms have been shut down, we all have gotten really good at trying to recreate that same atmosphere at home. Although there’s nothing quite like working out with all of your besties at the gym or going to a quick workout class, there are definitely ways to still make it enjoyable at home so that you look forward to doing it! Here are some of my top tips!

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Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat is essential to a good at-home workout! This way you can do a workout, yoga, etc. anywhere and any time you want! I have one from Lululemon and I love it but you can find them tons of places!

Weights, Jump Rope, Etc.!

So, while gym accessories such as weights and kettlebells are definitely not mandatory, they help to enhance your workout! I found some old weights that my parents had a while ago and I also found a jump rope. I love just adding a little bit of weight to my exercises even if its only 5 pounds! Also, it’s fun to look around you house and find something that could be used as a weight like soup cans, water bottles, etc.!

Finding the Best Workout Videos for You!

For me, in order to find the motivation to workout, I have to be excited about the exercise I’m about to do! Through some trial and error, I have found my absolute favorite workout videos that keep me motivated and enjoying the workout! Natacha Oceane, Whitney Simmons, and Sarah’s Day all have amazing videos! All of them have workouts on both their Instagram’s as well as follow along videos on Youtube! I also have tried a couple different yoga and pilates videos! You just gotta find what works for you!


Similarly to finding a good video, music is so important to a good workout, especially when at home! I have loved looking through Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube to find good and motivating music! I also have heard of people listening to podcasts during their workouts! Some of my favorites are Call her Daddy, Thick and Thin by Katy Belotte and Gals on the Go!

Foam Roller

While being sore is one of the most rewarding feelings, it’s not something we want to stick around! One amazing way to minimize soreness is to foam roll. You can find tons of foam rolling routines on Pinterest and Youtube and it has seriously helped so much! You can also find the roll on Amazon and lots of other places!

I hope these tips gave you some inspiration to spice up your at-home workout! As much as I miss getting to go into my gym, I really have started to enjoy exercising at home and getting to try new things every day! Now get after it!!!! XOXO!

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