June Favorites

I have recently come across some products that are so amazing that I thought I needed to share them with you! These have become staples in my everyday routine especially since having slower, more relaxing days during quarantine! Here are my June favorites! I have linked all the products in each one’s description!

The Ordinary Argan Oil

I’m sure many of you have heard of The Ordinary but I just recently came across it while scrolling on TikTok! They have tons of different skin care/hair care products and they are super affordable! I have used argan oil in the past but I always felt like it left my skin feeling oily and almost left a sort of residue on my face. However! This argan oil has CHANGED. THE. GAME. I use it in place of a moisturizer and it is literally the most moisturizing oil I’ve ever used but still doesn’t leave that annoying oily residue as other oils have in the past. Also a bottle of it is only $6.80! That’s insane! It’s been perfect for me after I get out of the shower and absorbs right into my skin beautifully!

Rose Quartz Roller

I have had this roller for a while but never consistently used it until recently. I have read about the benefits of using a rose quarts roller but honestly, I just loved how relaxed I feel after I use it! I also have been more focused on rolling it the correct way (you can find tons of diagrams on Pinterest) and I feel like that has helped too! It just leaves my face feeling dewy and vibrant and there’s nothing more I could ask for!

Maui Babe Tanning Lotion

I have been using this tanning lotion for years now but it has recently gained popularity on TikTok and let me tell you…it is worth the hype! This lotion helps you tan so fast, gives you an amazing color, and I feel like it helps me to maintain moisture and color! They also have a tan enhancing lotion, which is pictured above, and I love to use afterwards because it moisturizes your skin even more, soothes any sun burn and locks in the tan!

Element Candle

I got this candle while shopping in the Charleston Market and have been obsessed with it ever since! I have the Garden 1 scent and I love it! It’s more of a floral scent which is what I wanted but they have tons of other options as well on their website! I also love the wood wicks because they have that crackling sound like a real fire does!

Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo

With Summer coming up, I have been out by the pool a lot more, and as a girl with blonde hair, that blonde quickly turns to green in the chlorine water. This shampoo is my saving grace! I try to prevent the green as much as possible but I always end up getting a little hint of it in the blonde parts. So, if you have problems with this too, I have the solution for you! One of the properties of this shampoo is to remove chlorine so it will literally get rid of allll of the green. A little disclaimer: this shampoo does dry your hair out because it’s stripping your hair of all of the chlorine but it is important to not use it every day and only use when necessary! I also follow this shampoo up with a leave-in conditioner to preserve some moisture!

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