My Everyday Morning Routine

I am so interested in seeing what everyone does in the morning and the kinds of routines they have! Now I have to put a disclaimer on this post…I am not what some call a “morning person.” But! I’m working on it! By having a slow morning routine, I am starting to feel more energized and awake when I get up earlier! So, here ya go!!! This is everything I do in the morning!

9:00 AM: Goooood morning! I normally wake up right around 9:00….after hitting snooze about 3 times…but hey! At least I’m up! For the first couple minutes, I go onto my phone and check my text messages to see if I missed any last night and take a quick look at my social media.

9:30 AM: As soon as I wake up, I normally pretty hungry. So, I walk downstairs and make myself some breakfast! But first, I take my probiotic! Right now I’m using this one but I’ve been trying a couple different ones just to see which works best for my body! I normally make a smoothie because it just feels good to have something like that in the mornings! You can check out my Instagram IGTV for my everyday smoothie recipe or my green smoothie recipe under the food section on this blog! But sometimes I’ll make some gluten free waffles or have some yogurt with fruit. While I’m eating I normally sit out on my back deck and watch some Youtube videos or Netflix.

10:00 AM: After I eat my breakfast and let it settle for a bit, I make my coffee. I either have hot coffee or cold brew and add a dash of almond milk. Lately, I’ve liked using the cold brew concentrate K-Cups. The main reason for this is honestly just because I think it’s more fun to make it that way! These are the kinds I use and I love how it tastes! For the next little bit I’ll either sit and talk with my family or I’ll continue to watch Youtube videos or Netflix! I also continue to search around on my social media and check in with my friends!

11:00 AM: Around this time I’ll do my workout! Somedays I do yoga or go for a long walk but other days I’ve been doing this 8 week workout challenge. It’s by Sarah’s Day and I’m finishing the second week of it now and I’ve been loving it! After my workout, I go for a walk around my neighborhood. I normally go for about 30 minutes to an hour and I use this time as some “me time.” When living with family and not being able to leave that much due to quarantine, you don’t really get that much time alone. So that’s why I use this time just for me and I unplug from social media! I do listen to a podcast during my walk but I turn my phone on Do Not Disturb so that it’s only me, my podcast and the fresh open air. The podcasts I’ve been loving to listen to on my walks are Call Her Daddy, Happy Hour by Gretchen Geraghty, and Thick and Thin by Katy Bellotte.

12:00 PM: At this point, my day kinda goes off of how I’m feeling. If I feel hungry I’ll go ahead and make some lunch but sometime I’m not quite hungry yet so I go take a shower and get dressed for the day and then cook some food! I just like to listen to my body and respect my hunger or lack there of.


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