What I Eat in a Day

“What I eat in a day” is my all time favorite Youtube videos to watch and blog posts to read. I think it’s so interesting to see what people eat throughout the day and the things they do to make them feel good! Personally, I am intolerant to gluten and I try to avoid dairy as much as possible! I thought I would take you all through everything that I eat in a day, including my favorite snacks & drinks! I definitely can be a creature of habit and eat the same things over and over but I also try to mix it up sometimes so that I don’t get too bored of something! I hope you all enjoy!

Breakfast: Smoothie Time!

So basically as soon as I wake up, I’m ready to eat something! Sometimes I workout fasted because when I work out super early in the morning, I hate having anything on my stomach. However, I always take a probiotic as soon as I wake up so that can be the first thing in my system and get to work ASAP! As someone with major gut issues a probiotic is my best friend! I just recently started using this new one and I like it so far but I like trying different ones to see how they affect me. But, on days that I am not working out or not planning on working out until later in the day, I normally start my day with a smoothie! Today I had this yummy chocolate berry smoothie! I also really like having my green smoothie or I might even make some 3 ingredient waffles (1 mashed banana, 2 eggs, & 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder).

Lunch: Chick-Fil-A Fridays!

Fridays are my favorite day of the week because ever since quarantine started, my family has gotten Chick-Fil-A every Friday! It’s something to look forward and a great way to start the weekend off! Normally I get the grilled nuggets but today I saw that they have a new spicy grilled sandwich. I love spicy food so I got this with no cheese and asked for a gluten free bun. It is important to be careful at fast food restaurants when having a gluten allergy but I always trust Chick-Fil-A because they are super accommodating and take allergies seriously! I also got a fruit cup on the side because they have the best fruit!

Snack 1: Coffee!!!

If you know me, you know I’m addicted to coffee and I normally have it at least once a day. I’ve tried to cut down on it and not drink it as much so that I’m not consuming too much caffeine but today was a special occasion because I got my first coffee from Starbucks since quarantine started! The Starbucks near me has been closed for a while and my sweet boyfriend brought me my first since then! I saw someone order a drink on TikTok that looked so good so that’s what I got today! The drink is a grande vanilla sweet cream cold brew with 2 pumps of white mocha and oh my goodness…this is my new favorite drink. I’m not a fan of super sweet coffee and surprisingly this drink wasn’t over sweet but it had the perfect amount of coffee taste and sweetness! It is seriously a must try.

Dinner: A Family Favorite

Tonight for dinner we had hamburger, macaroni, & tomato which is one of my family’s favorite meals! This recipe has been passed down in our family and it is so delicious. It’s literally just gluten free pasta, hamburger meat and diced tomatoes but the combination of all of them together is so good!

After Dinner: Green Tea

I drink of cup or green tea every day but I don’t always drink it at the same time. Today I had it after dinner but normally I have it during the day like when I had my coffee earlier! But if I don’t drink it earlier, I like to have it right after my dinner because if I drink it too late it will keep me up at night. I also sometimes replace my coffee with green tea because it has a good amount of caffeine in it as well!

Snack 2: Banana Bread Bar

These banana bread bars from Simple Mills are actually so good and taste very much like real banana bread! They’re super fluffy and light are a great dessert to finish off the night!

Before Bed: Bone Broth

For about 2 weeks now, I have been drinking a cup of bone broth every night before bed. The health benefits for this are insane and it’s super good for your gut which is something I have a lot of problems with. I want to keep drinking it for a while and see what it does for my digestive system so I’ll get back to y’all on those results! This is the brand I’ve been drinking this week but I’ve been trying some different types to see what I like best! So far, my favorite is the Pacific chicken bone broth with turmeric, ginger, and black pepper.

Lets talk about water! So I drink at least a gallon of water today. I have noticed that this helps a ton with my digestive issues and helps to control my bloat! Also with working out almost every day, it is very important to stay hydrated! I highly recommend drinking a gallon of water a day because it also makes me feel more energized and have less cravings! A lot of times that I think I’m hungry, I’m actually just thirsty and this has helped me to be able to delineate between the two a lot easier!

So that’s it! That’s everything I ate today but every day is very different for me. Sometimes I’m more hungry and have more or bigger snacks. Other days I’m not as hungry, like today so I don’t snack as much. I’m just trying to be better about intuitive eating and listening to my body. This is so important especially during this time so that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle while also eating the foods that I love and having some sweet treats along the way! I hope you all like these types of posts and I would love to make more like it in the future!!! Xoxo

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