Kylie Skin Review

Skin care has never really been one of my strong suits and honestly something that I put a ton of emphasis on. I’ve been blessed with relatively unproblematic skin but I do notice a big difference in my complexion, breakouts, and overall health of my skin when I treat it well and use good products on it. About a year ago I started using the Kylie Skin line. I bought the set which came with the face wash, toner, face scrub, moisturizer and eye cream and I also purchased the makeup remover wipes. To preface this, I have combination to dry skin and my main skin issues would be occasional hormonal acne and peeling. So, I have compiled a list of all of these products from favorite to least favorite so that you can have a better idea about each product and decide if its right for you!

1. Foaming Face Wash:

This is by far my favorite part of the line. I have always preferred foam face washes to gel face washes but I genuinely love this because it’s very gentle on the skin but I still feel like my face is getting properly cleaned without being stripped. I normally use about 1.5-2 pumps and wash my face 1-2 times a day. If you get nothing else from the line, I would get this! It really has changed my skin and left it feeling dewy instead of oily or dry.

2. Face Moisturizer:

I always have struggled to find a good moisturizer that helps my skin to feel soft and that fights my dry skin but that also doesn’t leave me feeling oily and eventually leading to breakouts. However, this moisturizer was a game changer! It is the perfect moisturizer for someone with combination skin because it definitely helps my face from peeling and heals up the dry spots but doesn’t make my skin too oily.

3. Walnut Face Scrub

I have always loved face scrubs, especially with skin that likes to peel, it is a good, gentle way to remove the dead skin and even it out. This scrub smells so good and gets the job done but I will say it is a very, very gentle scrub. Sometimes with my skin, I need a more gritty scrub to peel away dead skin or get the dirt out of my pores, but I really like this scrub as more regular scrub and then supplement with a stronger one on days when my skin needs a little extra love.

4. Makeup Remover Wipes

At first, I did not think I was going to like these wipes. Similarly to the other products, these wipes are very gentle and I was worried that it wouldn’t remove all the makeup and dirt from my face. However, I was pleasantly surprised that they worked really well and actually got most of my makeup off my face, even my water proof mascara. On days that I was wearing more makeup than usual such as for an event or a formal, it would take a little extra scrubbing to get all the makeup off, but for a normal makeup day these worked perfect for me.

5. Vanilla Milk Toner

Toner was something that I had never really experimented before this so I was completely sure what to expect. However, I find that this toner helps to moisturize and cleanse my skin even more. I would say that if your skin is more on the oily side then this might not be the toner for you just because I do notice that some of this has the tendency to collect in different places on my face so I’m not sure if a more oil prone skin would like it. It does work well for me and I really like how creamy and clean it makes my skin feel!

6. Eye Cream

The eye cream comes in last place because I actually really didn’t like it when I first started using it. I even had to stop using for a while because I noticed that the areas around my eyes that I was using this cream were starting to have little break outs. When I stopped using it the break outs stopped. However, I wanted to give it a second chance so a little while ago I started using it again and I haven’t noticed any issues.

In conclusion, I genuinely do like most of the Kylie Skin line. There are a couple of products that I haven’t tried yet but out of the ones I have, a majority of them are a hit. I will say that all of the products are generally for those with gentler, less problematic skin because most of the products are not very intense but, for me, a person with combination to dry skin and only a few skin issues, they work very well for me. The foam face wash is definitely a must and is also a great way to introduce yourself to her products so if you are on the fence I would start with that. I love Kylie Jenner and I really think she did a great job with this! Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to certain products but I hope this review helped you to narrow down which products are right for you! Talk to you soon, xoxo.

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