What I Eat in a Day: Disney World

This past weekend, I went on quick trip to Disney World as a surprise for my mom’s birthday. About two years ago I found out that I am intolerant to gluten and, as surprising as it may sound, Disney World is the best place I have been for gluten free food. Not only does the food taste amazing, but the care and attention that is put into making sure the food is as safe from gluten or any other allergies you may have is so helpful! I am so excited to show y’all some of the amazing food I had this weekend!

FRIDAY NIGHT: At the hotel

During our trip, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. This hotel is not on Disney property but it is just a quick 10-15 minute Uber to the parks and we absolutely loved it! We got to the hotel at around 7:30 PM and decided to just have dinner at the restaurant inside the hotel. Luckily for me, the menu was labeled with what dishes were gluten free and there were a good number of choices available for me. We started with a family style caesar salad (the chef left off the croutons to make it gluten free). For my meal, I ordered the spaghetti squash lasagna.

This was so good! I have had spaghetti squash before but never in lasagna and it was seriously the best idea ever! This restaurant also had a couple of gluten free dessert options and once I saw there was a gluten free peach cobbler I knew I had to get it!

The peaches were so fresh and sweet and it was topped with a quinoa crumble and a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

SATURDAY: Hollywood Studios

Since we get up so early to get to the parks, we picked up some quick breakfast at the hotel before we left. For lunch, we made reservations at a restaurant called Hollywood & Vine. This is a buffet style lunch. To my surprise, they actually had a bunch of options for me to choose from across the buffet. They even had a couple tiny desserts to pick from that were delicious! For dinner, we also had reservations at a place called Mama Melrose’s. This is always a favorite for my family when we go to Disney. They have tons of gluten free options and even bring out separate gluten free bread for me! I got the shrimp pasta but substituted the shrimp for chicken.

It had a four cheese sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach as well. It was so good! Being gluten free, pasta is one of the foods I miss the most but this tasted just like the real thing!

SUNDAY: Magic Kingdom

This morning, we just decided to get into the park and get breakfast there. I will admit, I have not found many gluten free options for quick service breakfast at the parks. Because of this, I picked up some trail mix at one of the shops there. It was still really good though! For lunch, we decided to get something at a quick service spot and decided on Pinocchio Village Haus. They had many different options there but I got the chicken nuggets and fries because it’s not often that I am offered gluten free chicken nuggets! This day we stopped for a little snack midday and I got a frozen coke and a pickle.

And finally, for dinner we went to my favorite restaurant in all of Disney World, Jungle Navigation Co. Every time I go here, they always have an appetizer special and it has always been gluten free. This time it was Pao de Quiejo.

These are made with tapioca flour which makes them gluten free! They are basically little puffs of pastry filled with cheese. They are also served with a cream cheese dipping sauce which made them even better. For my entree, I ordered the fried chicken. Yes, that’s right. Gluten free fried chicken!

This chicken is absolutely delicious and tastes exactly like the real thing! Typically it is served with jasmine rice but I asked for rice noodles instead which were really good too!

To celebrate the end of this birthday trip, we thought that the best way to end the night was with some birthday dessert! We headed back to our hotel and went to the same restaurant as the first night just for dessert. This time I ordered the blueberry almond cheesecake.

This was the perfect way to end the trip and the cheesecake was delicious! The crust was made out of almonds, topped with an almond brittle and served with a side of blueberry puree.

I always look so forward to going to Disney and the food is definitely one of the main reasons for this excitement! I hope this guide helped you to see just a small look into all the amazing gluten free food they have to offer!

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