My Favorite StairMaster Workout

I always used to struggle with figuring out what type of exercises or workouts to do at the gym while I was by myself. I resorted to Pinterest and Instagram to point me in the right direction of a good workout that I would also enjoy. However, after experimenting with different workouts and combinations of exercises I have found my absolute favorite workout to do at the gym. The stairmaster has quickly become my best friend and I hope you try this workout and enjoy it as much as I do! This workout is designed to be 10 minutes but repeat it as many times as you would like in order to get your best workout in!

  1. 2 minutes: Warmup. Just get your body moving and stepping without getting too intense yet.
  2. 2 minutes: Fast Climb. Bump up the speed and start getting your heart rate up. You should start to get out of breath and start to feel the burn!
  3. 2 minutes: Skip a Step. Keep the speed the same as it was before but this time skip every other step to really work that booty! 
  4. 1 minute: Left Step Overs. Turn your body at a 45-degree angle to the left and step your left foot over the right foot.
  5. 1 minute: Right Step Overs: The same as the left side but turn 45 degrees to the right and step the right foot over the left.
  6. 2 minutes: For the last push of this workout, go back to skipping every other step but this time, when you stand up on the next step, kick the opposite leg back in an arabesque to really burn your booty for the last 2 minutes of this workout!

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