Hawaii Travel Guide

After my first trip to Oahu, Hawaii, it quickly became one of my favorite places on the planet. Since then I have been two more times and have accumulated a list of my favorite places to visit! I would love to share these spots with y’all and hope that one day you can visit them yourself!

Kualoa Ranch

This has to be my all time favorite spot on the entire island. There is so much to explore, experience and do and it is a must-do if you are visiting. I have made the trip to this beautiful ranch every time that I have been to Oahu and have found new experiences that I have loved each time. I highly (HIGHLY) recommend the ATV tour. During this tour, a guide takes you all through the mountains of Kualoa and shows you all of the most remote, yet beautiful places on the property. 

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My entire family was smiling ear to ear with mud freckled all over our faces when this tour was over. 

My family and I are also huge fans of the food at the ranch! It is a great place to get delicious, local Hawaiian food and also a great break in the middle of your day at the ranch. Another tour that I love here is the Jungle Expedition Tour. This tour takes you high into the enormous mountains in order to learn more about the Hawaiian culture, the history of Hawaii and the ranch, as well as the plants and wildlife that surround you. Pro-tip: ask your tour guide to show you where the “quick, 5-minute hike” is. They’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. Trust me, this hike is worth the steep little hike. The trail leads you to the most amazing, breath-taking view that I have ever seen. 

Another favorite of my family and mine is the Hollywood Movie Site Tour. Because so many movies (Jurassic Park, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, etc.) and T.V. shows (Lost, Hawaii Five-0, etc.) have been filmed here, this tour is dedicated to showing the guests the most memorable locations and spots that people will remember from their favorite films. 

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Hau Tree Lanai

Out of all the amazing places to eat in Hawaii, this, by far, has to be my favorite. It is the most beautiful, delicious restaurant I have ever been to. The seating is placed by the ocean and allows you to relax and enjoy incredible food. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend eating here when the sun is setting because it is a beautiful view and is just the cherry on top to the experience you will have here. 

North Shore/Haleiwa 

This is my favorite place on the island to shop, eat and to enjoy being a tourist. One of my favorite stops has to be Matsumoto’s Shave Ice. This is one of the most classic Hawaiian tourist spots that is sure to please everyone! I definitely encourage you to try your shaved ice with ice cream and beans…it is a lot better than it may sound! It is also a great photo op that is sure to look amazing on your Instagram feed! 

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There are also tons of shops around this area that are amazing! There are lots of surf shops and boutiques where you are sure to find little things that you cannot find anywhere else. This entire area is perfect for pictures and different opportunities to up your Instagram or VSCO game but my favorite is the angel wing wall. This wall is easy to miss since it is found on the side of a small surf shop, however it is most definitely worth the stop. 

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Oahu, Hawaii is a complete dream and I hope that these few spots and tips help you in your future planning!!!

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One thought on “Hawaii Travel Guide

  1. I lived here for two years and never made it to the ranch!! Definitely making that a priority the next time.


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